Advance Praise from Authors and Other Thought Leaders

"If you're interested in living a more fulfilling life, Flip offers a wealth of information, strategies and techniques to do just that.” Dr. Mark Albion, New York Times Best Selling Author, Making a Life, Making a Living. Dover, MA

“Flip Brown’s Balanced Effectiveness at Work is full of big reveals. One of the most important is how to replace perfectionism and judgment with empathy and engagement. This changes everything. You’ll find inspiration on every page!” Marshall Goldsmith, author of the New York Times and global bestseller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

“‘Flip’ your conceptions about balance, with Flip Brown’s thoughtful, fun, insightful book “Balanced Effectiveness at Work.”  It’s pragmatic, simple yet profound, and fosters moving from speed to significance to create a more meaningful life.” Kevin Cashman, Senior Partner, CEO and Executive Development, Korn Ferry and Best-Selling Author, Leadership from the Inside Out

“Flip’s approach is accessible and practical and provides a number of simple practices that will help you maintain a high level of energy at work – and at home at the end of the day. This is a useful book for any professional interested in living a healthier, more productive life.” Bryan Welch , Publisher & Editorial Director, Ogden Publications. Author of Beautiful and Abundant: Building the World We Want. Topeka, KS

“How refreshing to learn that work-life balance starts within you, rather than with your over-demanding situation. Flip really makes you realize that you have control over your life and you can balance it no matter what forces come at you.” Joanie Connell, author of Lessons from Work. San Diego, CA

"Flip translates research, self-help, and wisdom into approachable, practical, and easy to digest steps for increasing self-awareness and effectiveness at work. This book is an invitation to grow yourself or come back to being the self you know you can be." Arnie Kozak, PhD., author of Author of Wild Chickens and Petty Tyrants: 108 Metaphors for Mindfulness. Burlington, VT

 "An eminently practical guide to creating the self-awareness needed to make positive changes, along with fun-to-read ‘Flip’s Tips’ and down-to-earth methods for taking action. You'd be bananas not to ingest this book." Maren Showkeir, Co-author of Yoga Wisdom at Work: Finding Sanity Off the Mat and On the Job. Phoenix, AZ

“An easy-to-read format with numerous examples of those workplace people and events that make us crazy. It contains practical steps to regain control and the ‘action for traction’ section affords ongoing practice..” Eileen McDargh, CEO, Chief Energy Officer, McDargh Communications and The Resiliency Group , Dana Point, CA

“Flip packs a huge amount of information about how I can be more effective at work while keeping my cool. Even though I thought I knew a lot about this, I found out I could learn a lot more from Flip.” Julie O’Mara, President, O'Mara and Associates. North Las Vegas, NV

“Whether nonprofit, for-profit, or self-employed, those who work to change the world tend to equate burn-out with commitment. ‘Not so,’ says Flip Brown, calmly and persuasively. His new book is filled with tips and tools you can apply immediately to reclaim yourself at work. Read a chapter. Take a deep breath. Read another. Breathe again. Laugh a little. Take a few notes. Now take care of yourself.” Andy Robinson, author of Selling Social Change (Without Selling Out), Plainfield, VT

"Flip shows that anyone can be a force for good at work, but only if they are balanced and effective. I wholeheartedly agree. Use this book as your roadmap to deeper success and satisfaction." Ryan Honeyman, author of The B Corp Handbook: How to Use Business as a Force for Good. San Francisco, CA

Recommendations from Business Owners and Organization Leaders

“Flip Brown has the formula for work life integration down to a science. His down to earth authenticity, depth, common sense, and humor make Flip an accessible, informative, and insightful read.” Joel Solomon, Founding Partner, Renewal Funds. Vancouver, Canada

“This book provides real-life situations we can all relate to, self-reflection exercises and practical tips to get us back on track—all in an easy-to-access format written in Flip's light-hearted but sagely manner.  Anyone who works, lives with or interacts with others will find loads of ideas for fine-tuning yourself and your relationships.” Amy Hall, Director, Social Consciousness, EILEEN FISHER. Irvington, NY 

“Flip takes the complicated and makes it simple. He takes the challenging, and points us in the direction of resolution and even breakthrough. By uniting his deep understanding of human motivation, his incredibly diverse experience (in work and life), and his unwavering faith in the power of compassion, Flip provides us with a roadmap to better relationships with ourselves and our work. You'll be happier and more productive, I'm sure.” Mike Rowlands, Principal, Junxion Strategies. Vancouver, BC

"With the perfect combination of scenarios, straight forward questions, actionable tips, and access to great resources—Flip Brown has created one of the best business effectiveness guides I have ever seen. If your goal is impact with grace—this book is an essential guide. It is rare to find a smart and practical business book that is also a kick in the pants to read. Flip's combined wisdom and wit delivers the goods." Eric Friedenwald-Fishman, Founder/Creative Director, Metropolitan Group. Portland, OR

“This book has soul. Much more than a work/life balance ‘how-to’, Flip delivers guidance on how to deepen the relationships with those around us—whether co-workers or not—and the balance he describes forms the basis for how to live a more fully integrated life.” Erin Roach, Vice-President of Marketing and Investor Relations, Farmland LP. San Francisco, CA

“Balanced Effectiveness at Work is a concise, jam-packed, easy to read ‘how to’ guide for navigating and improving your experiences at work. Flip’s compassionate and humorous prose serves to pave the to achieving greater job satisfaction, productivity and personal prosperity.” Jacquie Dragon, Senior Vice-President of Human Resources, Merchants Bank. South Burlington, VT

“As a business owner, I’ve experienced Flip’s coaching first-hand as he helped me grow as an effective leader and communicator.  His practical approach helped me create a healthy work culture that has been good for my business and good for my employees.  I’m glad to see a book that will help a wider audience benefit from his ideas.” Gregory Brand, President, Bluehouse Group. Richmond, VT

“I am a big fan of the work that Flip Brown does and it is such a treat to have so much of his wisdom, tips and exercises contained in this book!  I devoured my copy as soon as I got my hands on it, but I know that I will be referring back to the book many times in the years to come.” Carrie Russell, Managing Director, Hospitality Valuation Services. Vancouver, BC

“Flip is engaging, authentic, full of fun and wisdom, and this book is a way for everyone to experience these qualities. It's practical, to the point, warm, compassionate and honest. This is a tool of great service to all of us who work with people...which is pretty much all of us!” Shilpa Jain, Executive Director, YES! Oakland, CA

“What I never learned from my Wharton MBA program but wish I had, this work is extraordinarily relevant today. Business is now beckoning our best thinking and passion in service to humanity, not just profits. Flip's work gives us the tools and encouragement to thrive by brining our full, awake, humanity to the workplace.” Steve Weinberg, CEO, National Foundry Products, Inc. Philadelphia, PA

“I believe business is not only about the relationships you have with your co-workers, but also the one you have with yourself. Flip's unique blend of wit and wisdom provides insights, tools, and warm encouragement to an approach for finding Balanced Effectiveness at Work. I suggest you keep a copy at your desk and by your bedside.” Ted Castle, President, Rhino Foods. Burlington, VT

International Acclaim for Balanced Effectiveness at Work

“Packed full of witty pearls of wisdom, introspective exercises, and practical action steps, it’s the perfect guide for becoming more effective, resilient and a source of positive change in the workplace.” Jessica Young, Marketing and Communications Officer, Clean Energy Council, Melbourne, Australia

“Balanced Effectiveness at Work is a breath of fresh air—finally a book that prompts you to look at yourself from another person’s perspective in an effort to develop a better understanding of your own dynamics and work. Well worth the read” Shainoor Khoja, CEO Better Business Enterprise Ltd., Dubai. United Arab Emirates

"Don't be fooled by the seemingly casual tone of Balanced Effectiveness at Work. This little gem of a book is full of universal and enduring wisdom that I expect will resonate as well with my clients in New Zealand as elsewhere. I recommend it highly." Emily Morrow, Executive Consultant.  Auckland, New Zealand

“Flip has written a book I can use both personally and professionally. He combines abundant resources with personal insights to create a positive, helpful, and exciting approach.” Steve Elder, Dipl. Psych., Cologne, Germany“I have always believed that we control our own destiny. Buy this book. Read a chapter or two. Make some real changes. You’ll have a better business and a better life.” Leen Zevenberger, CEO, Solarus. Gälve, Sweden

“With the ever-increasing ‘to-dos’ in our seemingly impossible schedules, Flip’s book is a must-read, offering tips and tools to help even the most harried among us achieve a more balanced way of being – both in life and at work. Don’t leave home (or work) without it.” Elisa Birnbaum, Publisher & Editor of SEE Change Magazine. Toronto, Canada 

"My business is focused on one objective - 'to deliver tangible and sustainable improvement to the underlying performance of any business calling on us for support.' Flip Brown provides a similar value in his own unique way to the leaders and managers he works with. His experience and wisdom is accessible to all in this book, and it has my highest recommendation.” Dave Murray, CEO, Clive Whitegate Ltd. Cheshire, United Kingdom